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All organic and human life has the urge to grow, expand, extend, develop, mature. This tendency may become deeply buried under layer after layer of encrusted psychological defenses; it is my belief however, based on my experience, that it exists in every individual and awaits the proper conditions to be expressed. - Carl Rogers -

How we would work together

I work pluralistically, and draw on the different modalities below to help each client heal and move forward.

I see the therapeutic relationship as an honest and heartfelt relating and the ground of significant creative healing.


My practice is informed primarily by my person-centred training. Also known as client-centred, this is a humanistic approach that prioritises how individuals perceive themselves consciously, rather than how a counsellor can interpret their unconscious thoughts or ideas. Simply, I start with a non-judgmental space of empathy and curiosity to create what Carl Rogers called "unconditional positive regard" for what you bring and where you're at.

Attachment Theory

Internal Family Systems


Slowly, I encourage you to confront things you might have bottled up, working together to help identify their root causes. This can often involve exploring past experiences, from the safety of the here-and-now. Using psychodynamic ideas like attachment theory can be very helpful to understand why painful patterns are affecting you today.
Representing these patterns as earlier versions or 'parts' of yourself that still need attention is the cornerstone of Internal Family Systems. I am very influenced by this approach as a useful way to bring much-needed empathy and integration to them.
I remain profoundly guided by my research in existential therapy, which helps consider questions about the meaning of life in relation to our mortality. Understanding the whole of you should allow such dimensions , also thought of as spiritual or transpersonal, to be welcomed for their healing potential.
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