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You are welcome exactly as you are, and we will work together to move in the direction that feels right

A time for a change

You may have come here today knowing exactly why you are looking for my help; or you might feel something is just not quite right. Either way, you are probably feeling uncomfortable and know that something needs to change.


By looking for help, you are beginning to take control of that discomfort. You are giving yourself permission to be “not OK”. While it might not feel like it right now, that’s one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.

Whatever we discover, we will find it together; it will be done safely, with understanding, empathy and in confidence. 

Initial consultation

To answer any questions and give you the opportunity to see how you feel about working together, I offer an initial 15-minute call free of charge. This can take place either via phone or video call. To arrange a chat please get in touch.

First session

Our first full, 50-minute session will be a chance for you to tell me about yourself and what you would like to get out of therapy, to get to know me and ask questions. This will help you decide if we are a good match and from there, we can agree to work together. 

Working together

We will meet once per week at a set time and place for 50 minutes and our work will be based on a therapy agreement. This is a contract that outlines the terms and conditions around confidentiality, data potection, attendance and payment.

Duration of therapy

I tend to work in an open-ended way, which means that we can work together for as long as you are finding our work useful. Yet we can decide to commit to a limited timeframe which we can discuss when we first meet.

It's also ok for you to be unsure and for us to review as we go. It will always be up to you to choose when to extend, or end, our time together.  You decide.

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